Machines & Processes

Dinnissen is global leader in process technology in the world of powders, particles and granules. Their solutions are trusted by the biggest producers and brands in the world. Some of their flagship innovations are the Pegasus® Mixer and the Pegasus® Vacuum Coaters.

All Dinnissen-machines are known for their high quality, reliability and innovative features. As a system integrator, Dinnissen can handle your entire process including product intake, conveying, dosing and weighing, mixing, grinding, crushing, sifting, and packaging.

For Clextral, technological innovation and internationalization have always been the driving forces of our growth, enabling us to become a recognized leader in numerous markets throughout the world.

Since 1956, we have continually expanded the range of applications served by our core technology, twin-screw extrusion. Acquiring Afrem in 2002 also allowed us to become a world leader in providing couscous production lines, based on our innovative Rotante rotary drying technology.

We have developed an extensive line of innovative products and processes targeting three very diverse markets: “Food & Feed“, “Green industries” and “Powder Industries“.

Building on the success of our technology and processes in 94 countries, we now operate on five continents, providing our expertise and services locally. This diversity enables to diversify our assets, both culturally and technologically.

Our company signature says it all: Extrusion Expertise Excellence

Innovative machines, scales and measuring instruments, built exclusively in Switzerland, have a reputation worldwide for the highest level of quality and precision. At Swisca, we are committed to producing superior products through continued innovation while always putting the customer first. Experienced employees, with unique and extensive industry knowledge, identify themselves by the success of our customers and always strive to provide the highest level of service. Swisca prides itself on consistently delivering the highest quality products, excellent service, readiness to deliver, maximum value and committed partnership. Our company is founded on the tradition of unique quality, service, productivity and innovation.

Polycook or also known as France Cuiseur is proposing an innovative multifunctional cooker. Developed and patented with several quick release, easy maintaining solutions.

This multifunctional tool is able to :

Developed with Hygienic design, wet cleanable & with CIP extension possibilities.

Available in 400 liters and 800 liters sizes coming with its own control system and utilities you can choose rather to use it as single tool and or connect it to your filling & dosage process but also to the storage, maturation and packing process.

  • Cool / Heat /Melt / Cook
  • Cut / Chop
  • Weigh


Established in 1960, ETA is a significant manufacturer of stainless-steel products, including vessels, tanks and related products for the Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Brewing, Distilling and Dairy industries. The company having over 60 years industry experience in the stainless-steel tanks and agitation with or without pressure vessel market to the business. The company has gone from strength to strength developing a long-established client base and unrivalled knowledge of the manufacture and design of stainless-steel vessels for a range of industries.

This in-depth industry knowledge and experience in understanding a client's exact requirements has ensured the successful and timely completion of over 2,000 projects to date.

ETA large client base is a testament to their dedication for quality, efficiency and industry expertise that anyone working with them can rely on. They have a proven track record in delivering successful projects, on-time and within budget for every project they work on.